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Videos: Narrated by, Tammy Majchrzak, Ascension Teacher - Archangel Metatron: Source Amplification Meditation, A brief light connection meditation with Source as we receive and give back in an endless eternal loop of divine love. Metaphysical School Lightbody Vehicle, A brief Introduction to the Lightbody Vehicle. Waves of Light. Archangel Metatron - Source Light Awakening Connection Meditation, A Meditation to assist the connection to Source. Allowing the vessel (body) to experience higher states of vibration, consciousness, and awareness. Archangel Metatron is here to assist all aspects of your Ascension journey. Allow him to show you your divine light. Returning to Light Meditation Movie, A short meditation to assist the vessel (body) in returning to light. Metatronia Divine Kaleidoscopic Visual Meditation, A visual meditation to assist in settling the vessel and raising consciousness. Light infused divine Geometries to aid the ascension, awakening, and alignment journey. There is nothing you need to do. Just relax, cast your gaze upon the images each in turn, and allow the light to assist you in relaxation and resting into the arms of Source. Beyond the linear realms and conditioned behaviors lies a whole Universe awaiting to be explored! Videos, some with ambient music instrumentals. To listen click arrow then click musical note at lower right.
Trinity Masters Frequency Modulation, Linking With the Trinity Masters of Light
Trinity Masters frequency Modulation Meditation (2)
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Order Through Chaos, This is not Philosophy This is Physics

In the beginning when the secret of secrets wished to reveal himself, he began to produce a point of light. Before that point of light broke through and became apparent the infinite (en soph) was entirely hidden and radiated in no light. (Zohar) Through time there have been many interpretations of order through chaos and endeavoring to fathom the great secret and works of the one. What is it we seek to find and have done so throughout the ages? A few of those interpretations are shown here for your own discernment. If we look closely enough, we can begin to see a pattern that emerges through the different angles and beliefs through time and consciousness of the knowledge and interpretation of a higher order. There have been many ways of understanding and interpretation, and this continues. We are being shown through source and unity how simple it is to bring order through chaos on a vibrational level and as it relates to human beings and on a universal scale.

Thoth - The Emerald Tablets Tablet Eight

The Key of Mysteries

Tablet 8, The Key of Mysteries. Reading the words spoken about they'll go inside within you to the subconscious, to the light codings within and they'll begin over the next coming weeks and months unravel something quite delightful within you so this is all about codings.


Man is in the process of changing two forms that are not of this world. Grows he in time to the formless, a plane on the cycle above. Know you, you must become formless before you are one with a light.

Listen, you O man to my voice, telling of pathways to light, showing the way of attainment when you shall be one with the light. Search you the mysteries of earth's heart, learn of the law that exists, holding the stars in their balance by the force of the primordial mist. Seek you the flame of the earth's life, bathe in the glare of its flame, follow the three -cornered pathway until you too are to flame.

Wisdom is hidden in darkness, when lit by the flame of the soul, find you the wisdom and be light -born, a son of the light without form, seek you ever more wisdom, find it in the heart of the flame, know that only by striving can light pour into your brain, now have I spoken with wisdom, listen to my voice and obey, tear open the veils of the darkness, shan a light on the way.

Entered I my body, created the circles that know not angles, created the form that from my form was formed, made my body into a circle and lost the pursuers in the circles of time. but even yet, when free from my body, cautious ever must I be not to move through angles, else my soul might never be free.

The beautiful wilderness of the universe is not only the manifestation of intellect, it is also the model for rational souls to understand and to emulate such understanding and emulation restores those souls to their original state of excellence, a state that was lost in their embodiment. There is then an explicit ethical and religious dimension to the discourse.


Plato's Tymias

The world's body is composed of fire for visibility and earth for tangibility, but these so -called elements require the mediation of air and water in a progression of proportion to bind them together into a unified concordant whole. The shape of the universe's body and the characteristics it possesses, or lacks, are all explained in terms of their various purposes. The composition of the world's soul out of harmonically proportionate series of portions, of a mixture of both divisible and indivisible sameness, difference and being, and the division of these portions into two intersecting circles, of the same and of the different, explain the cognitive powers of the soul in relation to the different types of objects of cognition, those that are and those that become. When joined with the world's bodies, they also explain the cosmological organization of the universe. The heavenly bodies are divine and move in their various orbits to serve as markers of time. The fixed stars to mark a day, night, the moon to mark the lunar, the month, and the sun to mark the year. Time itself came into being with these celestial movements as an image of eternity. Individual souls are made up of the residue and an inferior grade of the soul stuff of the universe, and are eventually embodied in physical bodies. This embodiment throws the previously regular motions of the soul into confusion, as the soul is subjected to the forceful disturbances of internal bodily processes, as well as the impact of external bodies upon it, particularly in sense experience. These disturbances gravely impair the soul's cognitive functioning, only with appropriate nurture and education, can its original motions be re -established and proper cognitive functioning be restored. Nova Veritas Universalis, again Plato. If you just look at these images below you begin to see sacred geometry, sacred form, divine order, creation itself. First of all he took away one part of the whole and then he separated a second part which was double the first two and then he took away a third part which was half as much again of the second and three times as much as the first and then he took a fourth part which was twice as much as the second and the fifth part which was three times a third and the sixth part which was eight times a first and the seventh part which was 27 times a first. Explore this when you have time but to me this explanation of the creator and the creation of life itself and the universe comes right down into our own DNA and the cells and the multiplication of cells to make a life it's all connected. All that is visible and truth, objects, plants, animals, nature, artifacts, tangible things, intelligible, images, shadows, reflections, opinions, hypotheses, hearsay if you like. Visible is explicit self -revealing, imminent, imminent, commonly -perceived, inturated, superficial, intelligible, transcends appearances, implicit application of effort to see facts.


So Plato's teaches us focus on that which remains outside the sphere of human influence and inside the sphere of human experience. As you ascend, you learn to transcend beliefs and controls and behaviours to see the divine truth that's around and within you. So when something's placed before you as truth, use your discernment and don't stop, don't stop the looking, just use your discernment in all ways. In the primeval dwell through unities, other than these, none can exist. These are the equilibrium source of creation, one God, one truth, one point of freedom, again, thought, or toath, however you wish to pronounce. Three are the circle states of existence, the circle of light where dwells nothing but God, and only God can transverse it, the circle of chaos where all things by nature arise from death, the circle of awareness where all things spring from life. Seek not the kingdom of shadows, for evil will surely appear, for only the master of brightness shall conquer the shadow of fear. Know ye, O my brother, that fear is an obstacle great. Be master of all in the brightness, the shadow will soon disappear. Hear ye and heed my wisdom, the voice of light is clear, seek not the valley of shadow, and light will only appear. The soul of man moves ever onward, bound not by any one star, but ever moving to the great goal before him where he is dissolved in the light of the all. Know ye that ye shall ever go onward, move by the law of cause and effect, until in the end both become one. Hermes Trismegistus It is true without any error, and it is the sum of truth, that which is above is also that which is below. For the performance of the wonders of a certain one thing, and as all things arise from one stone, so also they were generated from one common substance, which includes the four elements created by God, and among other miracles the said stone is born of the first matter. The sun is its father, the moon its mother, the wind bears it in its womb, and it is nursed by the earth. Self is the father of the whole earth, and the whole potency thereof. If it be transmuted into earth, then the earth separates from the fire that which is most subtle from that which is hard, operating gently and with great artifice. Then the stone ascends from earth to heaven, and again descends from heaven to earth, and receives the choicest influences of both heaven and earth. If you can perform this you have the glory of the world, and are able to put to flight all diseases, and to transmute all metals. It overcomes mercury, which is subtle and penetrates all hard and solid bodies. Hence it is compared with the world, hence I am called Hermes, having the three parts of the whole word of philosophy. And if I may at this point just briefly, many of these wonderful masters and philosophers talked in riddles for us not to look at the materialistic values of their speech, but to look beyond them behind what it is they are calling and shouting to us in keys and in light coding. You are the stone. You are beyond all measure and you are at one with the universe. You can have all the glory of the world and you can transcend all chaos and disorder if you turn to the light within. There is one, even the first, who has no beginning, who has no end, who has made all things, who govern all, who is good, who is just, who illumines, who sustains. There is but one. The Emerald Tablets again. Three is a mystery come from the Great One, here and light on thee will dawn, in the primeval dwell three unities, other than these none can exist. These are the equilibrium source of creation, one God, one truth, one point of freedom. Three comes forth, forth from the three of the balance, all life, all good, all power. Three are the qualities of God in his light home, infinite power, infinite wisdom, infinite love. Three are the circles or states of this existence. The circle of light where dwells nothing but God and only God can transverse it. The circle of chaos where all things by nature arise from death. The circle of awareness where all things spring from life. All things animate are of three states of existence, chaos or death, liberty in humanity and the felicity of heaven. I love this. There is no thing in nature created or born that does not reveal its inner form outwardly as well for the internal always works towards revelation. As we can see and recognize in in creatures and trees and plants. Thus in the signature there lies great understanding in which man not only comes to know himself but he may also learn to recognize the essence of all beings. Zosimos of Panopolis. 

The inner process of purification and redemption. The symbol of chemistry is drawn from the creation by its adepts who cleanse and save the divine soul bound in the elements and who free the divine spirit from its mixture with the flesh. As the sun is so to speak a flower of the fire and simultaneously the heavenly Sun the right eye of the world so copper when it blooms that is when it takes the color of gold to prove purification becomes a terrestrial Sun which is king of the earth as the Sun is king of heaven. Back in these times they talked through coding and you are the Sun you are the flower and you are the king of earth as the Sun is the king of heaven. This is all within you. It all begins to blossom within you when there is order divine order through light. Nicholas of Causa rise and fall evolution and involution are one and the same. The progress of the one is the retreat of the other. God is in the world is just as valid as a world is in God. Whatever is not truth cannot measure truth precisely. By comparison a non -circle cannot measure a circle whose being is something indivisible. Hence the intellect which is not truth never comprehends truth so precisely that truth cannot be comprehended infinitely more precisely. Some of these you're going to have to read over again to yourself to gather some understanding. For the intellect is so truth as an inscribed polygon is to the inscribing circle. The more angles the inscribed polygon has the more similar it is to the circle. However even if the number of its angles is increased at the infinitum the polygon never becomes equal to the circle unless it is resolved into an identity within the circle. So every spirit comes to rest if only it feels elevated in the admitted manner of its species to equality with the infinite. Equality with the infinite. Even through the divine precision remains always unattained. This and infinitely many other things you can make clear to yourself. May it suffice to have this treated the foregoing. Oh man. Therefore one motion cannot be equal to another nor can one motion be the measure of another since necessarily the measure and the thing measured differ and with regard to motion we do not come to an unqualified minimum. If we can fully attain unto this knowledge or our ignorance we will attain unto learned ignorance. The more he knows that he is unknowing the more learned he will be. Surrender. We must leave behind the things which together with their material associations are attained through the senses through the imagination or through reason. Leave them behind so that we may arrive at the most simple and most abstract understanding where all things are one. Where a line is a triangle, a circle and a sphere. Where oneness is threeness and conversely. Where accident is substance. Where body is mind spiritus. Where motion is rest and other such things. The measure with which man strives for the inquiry of truth has no rational proportion to truth itself, and consequently the person who is contented on the side of precision does not perceive the error, and therein do men differentiate themselves. These both do have advance to the complete precision, whose unattainability to the wise recognize so that those are the wiser who know of their ignorance. Marvelous is this work of God in which the discriminative power ascends stepwise from the center of the senses up to the supreme intellectual nature, 

in which the ligaments of the most subtle corporeal spirit are constantly illuminated and simplified, on account of the victory of the power of the soul, until one reaches the inner cell of rational power, as if by way of the brook to the unbounded sea, where we conjecture there are choirs of knowledge, intelligence and the simplest intellectuality. Since unity of humanity is contracted in a human way, it seems to unfold everything according to the nature of this contraction, for the power of its unity embraces the universe and encloses it inside the boundaries of its region, such that nothing of all its potentiality escapes. Man is indeed God, but not absolutely, since he is man, he is therefore a human God. Man is also the world, but not everything contractedly since he is man. Man is therefore a microcosm, or a human world. Nicholas of course, a sort to demonstrate that the creator of the universe was not something able to be reduced to a particular metaphor or described, but only known inconceivably by the mind of man, and that all knowledge sought and captured by man came from seeking after this knowledge of the Creator. Cursor investigated the nature of such a universe that which he calls a contracted maximum as the medium between the absolute infinite and the plurality of finite things. Paracelsus, the sky is a shell which separates the world and God's heaven from one another, as does the shell, the egg. The egg represents the lower sphere, the white, the upper, the yoke, earth and water, the white, air and fire. In 1678, a German scholar, (Anthenesius Kircher), depicted the most advanced thinking of his day. Earth's interior was supposed to contain a giant fiery inferno, with fire's heated water that had seeped in from the ocean and gave rise to hot springs, where tons of fire came close to Earth's surface, they started volcanoes. So many, many years ago, people were beginning to understand and bring their own interpretation of order and what the world and universe were about. A lot of it's metaphors and guessing, but a lot of it comes to the same, not conclusion but the same kind of results. The philosopher's compass between the magnetic poles of the work symbolised here as the two masonic columns of Solomon's temple, Joachim Meil, Upper Fire, Esh and Lower Air, Boaz feminine, Upper Water, Mayim and Lower Earth, these produced the lapis, it joins the powers of the upper planets and the lower. The materials in the work, Tata, Sulfur, Soul, Ammoniac, Vitriol, Saltpeter, Alam, and in the center Antimony. The Taschanian source material said to be the greatest poison of the supreme medicine. Its symbol is the imperial awe. And back in this time, again, they talk through codes. The more you look at materials and decipher, these things that they mention are all pointing to, you can call it the prime audio mist or source or light. They're talking through coding to assist us many, many years ago, even up to now, through understanding about the light infinite. And back in those days, they had limited understanding. And so a lot of the philosophers worked with what they understood at that time. And when we look back hundreds and hundreds and thousands of years ago as to where we are today with these teachings from past past masters, there becomes an understanding of what they were aiming at and what they could understand at that level from where they were back then. And it's such a beautiful, beautiful journey. I know some of this webinar might be a bit out there for you, but with looking back at it and understanding, you'll begin to get to a place where you understand from a deeper level, a higher conscious level. It's also very simple. (William Blake), the nature of infinity is this, that everything has its own vortex. And when once a traveler through eternity has passed through that vortex, he perceives it roll backward behind his path into a globe itself and folding like a sun or like a moon or like a universe of star and majesty. While he keeps onward in his wondrous journey on the earth or like a human form, a friend with whom he lived benevolent, as the eye of man views both the east and west, encompassing its vortex and the north and south with all their starry hosts. Also the rising sun and setting moon, he views, surrounding his cornfields and his valleys of 500 acres squares. Thus is the earth one infinite plane and not as apparent to the weak traveler traveller confined beneath the moony shade. Thus is the heaven of vortex passed already, and the earth of vortex not yet passed by the traveller through eternity. Man's body is fine, of course, in its texture, according to the materials drawn from the physical plane for its composition. Compare the bodies of a butcher and a refined student, and all things live in rhythmically vibrations, hence if a body changes its rate of vibration, it gradually drives out of it the constituents that cannot fall into the new rhythm, and fills up their places with fresh constituents that are harmonious by his thoughts. He strikes the keynote of this music, and sets up the rhythms that are the most powerful factors in the continual changes in his physical and other bodies. The whole process of the philosophical work is nothing but that of dissolving, and making hard again, namely dissolving the body and making hard the spirit. Mankind cannot ascend in the current mindset, and with the current burdens that it carries along in his emotional and mental body. In order to ascend the current limited and lower consciousness existence, man must be lifted into a state of altered higher consciousness through energetic and vibrational alignment and awakening mechanisms, so that he has literally become one with the light, the zero point, the zero vibration matching like with like as above so below. These energetic light codings are available to mankind at this time, as they have always been. For those that so choose and wish to ascend, the key lies in the conscious expansion and surrendering of old ways, to working line and in unison, with a surrendering mechanism in order to reach that one month with the vibration of the one. This is the master key to Ascension.

Opus Magnum


In reference to the divine work of creation and the plan of salvation within it, the alchemistic process was called the Great Work. In it, a mysterious chaotic source material called Materia Prima containing opposites still incompatible and in the most violent conflict, is gradually guided towards a redeemed state of perfect harmony. The Healing Philosopher's Stone or Lapis Philosophorum. First we bring together, then we putrefy, we break down what has been putrified, we purify the divided, we unite the purified and harden it. In this way is one made from man and woman.


And don't look at this to look at chemistries and things like that. This is simple coding. It's simple words that are explaining how man works with light and connects with light to purify, to become gold like the sun, to become one with the light. It's intriguing stuff. When you read these old books and you begin to piece together, it's intriguing stuff. The Philosopher's Stone is made in the image of the creation of the world for one must have its chaos and its prime matter in which the elements float hither and thither, all mixed together until they are separated by the fiery spirit. And when this has happened, the light is lifted up while the heavies brought downwards. Again, back in those days, days, some 200 over 200 years ago, they're talking about vibration.


It will be apparent that it is difficult to discern which properties each thing possesses in reality. (Democtritus, 8th century B.C.)


That which lives on reason lives against the spirit. (Paracelsus)


Anyone who inadvertently enters the linguistic arena will suddenly find himself in a chaotic system of references, a network of constantly changing code names and symbols for arcane substances in which everything can always apparently mean everything else and in which even specialists, baroque dictionaries and modernists of synonyms provide few clues. This kind of profusion of diffuse concepts always requires simplifying motions. The light is simplicity. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings a particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind this mind is a matrix of all matter. Geometry is one and eternal, a reflection out of the mind of God that mankind shares in it the one of the reasons to call man an image of God. Just as this is a confirmation from the harmonic proportions of the circle as a subject and the source of their terms, equally it is the strongest possible argument for abstraction as a suggestion of the divinity of the mind exists in a circle abstracted from corporeal and sensible things to the same extent as concepts of the curved. The symbol of the mind are separated and so to speak abstracted from the straight, the shadow of bodies. Ascend now to the recognition that the maximum most precise harmony is an equality of comparative relation which a living and bodily man cannot hear. hear. For since his harmony is every proportion ratio it would attract to itself as soul's reason just as infinite light attracts all light so that the soul, freed from perceptible objects, would not without rapture. Here with the intellect's ear this supremely concordant harmony. A certain immensely pleasant contemplation could here be engaged in not only regarding the immortality of our intellectual rational spirit which harbors in its nature incorruptible reason through which the mind attains of itself to the concordant and the discordant likeness in musical things, but also regarding the eternal joy into which the blessed are conducted once they are freed from the things of this world. To take a moment just to look and view at this shape remembering the shape and the divine geometries and the divine order and contemplation after the webinar of why everything stems from sacred geometry because of such order and such divinity is all things created all in divine order from a divine cell to the great universe above.


Planetary order of continuing same fluctuations in orbit Copernicus (by Mogi Massimo Vicentini) explains emotions and the order within the universe. Divine balance Divine order As if something has set that order. As if something has set that divinity in all things, that divine order through chaos. Through all the systems that exist in the universe, there lies behind it divine order. A great plan, a great light, a creator. Everything in order and whatever is occurring. doesn't occur because of the constraints of man and the minds of men. It occurs outside of the thoughts of man. It is the vastness, the eternity, which we are all part of. And if we start with a divine order that's placed before us, we can begin the great path of ascension and healing within ourselves, our fragility, to expand ourselves into the cosmos, to expand ourselves to that truth of the divine plan and divine order. That exists within everything. Come out of the mind and the fragilities. Mankind must move with his ascension into his expansion. It's all around us.

Planetary Motion From Exodus to Copernicus (Mogi MassimoVicentini, Civico Planetiro Di Miliano) Through the early astronomers took on an authentic view of the heavens, Italian graphic designer, Murgi, put the viewer at the centre of a sweeping story of planetary motion. Planets rotate, oscillate and appear to move backwards as faulty ideas are rejected until the motion is most satisfactorily explained by Copernicus and Kepler's heliocentric model. The testimony of the ages confirms that the motions of the planets are obvicular. It is an immediate presumption of reason reflected in experience that their gyrations are perfect circles. For among figures it is circles and among bodies the heavens that are considered the most perfect. However, when experience is seen to teach something different to those who play careful attention namely that the planets deviate from simple circular paths it gives rise to a powerful sense of wonder which at length drives men to look into causes. Everything works to divine order, a divine plan, bringing order through chaos throughout the universe as all works in unison, oscillation, pulsation, vibration waves, call it the primordial mist, positive motion ever forward expansion, equilibrium balance, harmony and order, alignment with the source through vibration, universal spheres working for not against, harmony of the spheres. The more we pull against something and bring resistance, the more we pull away from our ascension path. It's all about working to that alignment process, working to that divine order within ourselves, bringing that order through chaos within ourselves what we may feel, to expand our consciousness outside of linear. Our vital energy is a constant moving pulsating and oscillating rhythm of waves of divine source vibration. Everything that resides within the universe exists because of source vibration. Call it the primordial mist, the unseen but very much real, the conscious creator vibration. This is the elixir of man. This is what creates the vessel, grows the form, beats the heart, grows the flowers, sends the rain, creates the lightning, all things at our source. Source is evolution vibration and man is beginning to understand more and more of his light evolutionary process. We move in waves and pulsations in a positive ever -forward moving motion and vibration. This is the order of the universal spheres, the creator source vibration. This brings order to chaos. This brings order through chaos for all things within the universe and the universe itself. A gyroscope at the center point as the physical vessel, the emotional vessel, the mental vessel. Whatever is going on around us, we stay steadfast in our resolve and dedicated to our point of light. Because the world is growing and evolving into light vibration and there may come much chaos as this light again is embedding on earth into the hearts and minds of men. And through that chaos we must remain steadfast in our truth. Oscillation is repetitive variation typically in time of some measure about a central valve, often a point of equilibrium, or between two or more different states. Familiar examples include a swinging pendulum and alternating current power. So we may teeter, we may oscillate back and forth, but ultimately the design of the spheres of universal divinity and order. We are programmed to move ever forward. We are programmed to move positively forward. I wanted to include this (by Valerie Farber) regarding entropic versus centropic. 

The universal force (Valorie Farber) of creation answers your summoning every time you are answered. The force is miraculous. What are the controls on this? What is there to keep the balance? That which is made without utilization of resonance with the infinite patterns of frequency and vibration are subject to degeneration and decay. They are highly entropic. That is, unless they are repatterned and realigned at some point to the infinite patterns of source, frequency and vibration. That which is summoned by the creative force from a frequency and vibration in alignment with the sacred geometric and harmonic tones, frequency and vibration are the creations which are everlasting and feel good. The reason they feel good is because they are in alignment with the infinite patterns of your essence. They are everlasting as you are and they vibrate in accordance with patterns such as a Fibonacci sequence of fine or pine. The infinite patterns, they are centropic. They are subject to creative renewals. So as to the boundaries about the nonjudgment of the summoning of the universal creative force, the balance lies in just that the centropic creations that have resonance with the infinite patterns are eternal. Whereas the entropic are not. This repatterning is occurring within the very DNA of man. The entropic patterns patterns are being repatterned to centropic. This is occurring on the micro and macro levels of our dimensional space. We are shifting from entropic to centropic. This is occurring within and without. Eventually as we cross the threshold into the centropic photonic light belt the regenerative light will regenerate the vessel at will and the light body will become primary as the light body is centropic and is the body immortal. I have memories from Poseidon, says Valerie, following the Atlantean deluge and while I was in pure light body form most others at the time were not and had already shifted into the dense corporeal form if you like. I believe that this is a perfect is perfectly possible and feasible that we may enter a time we'll begin to witness this gradual transition where some through perhaps very few sorry they perhaps very few choose for this. This then gains quantum momentum as more and more of us align. There is force in the universe which if we permit it will flow through us and produce miraculous results. 

Man's very form exists purely through the light of the creator and thus his journey and design is to return and align within himself to the vibration of his maker to embark on this path and to open to this divine truth is in itself the greatest journey man can achieve. (Tammy Majchrzak, January 2015) 

Ascension is light evolution. There is a force within the universe the creator life force primordial mist source vibration call it what you will many names it may have but it is ultimately source vibration. this vibration is what creates nourishes and feeds the very heart of all matter within and without the universe as we as human beings experience the greater surrender and conscious connection to this force there is a cleansing and clearing realignment period where that which no longer serves is released this is attunement attainment with the light at one month with the light we begin to live in unison once again with the universal spheres the plan divine order and calibration of all that is in an eternal never -ending spiral of divine harmonics this energetic order realignment is experienced through rapid vibrational shifting emotional release and energetic recalibration this light serve to show us the chaos within the physical vessel and bring it into line with the universal and divine order whether we wish to believe or not there is a universal divine order in place to which everything is part and to which the light is now open to us for us to experience alignment and integration of our true form and nature and essence we are part of all things everlasting eternal beings the corporeal physical form is here to serve the ascension journey into ultimate divine truth the key to man's salvation is in the rising of his vibration.


Some scientists have claimed that and taught that planets collide in space no such thing as possible to do so would be to throw the entire scheme of creation into chaos it really is fortunate indeed that the mighty laws of God are not limited to the opinions of some of the children of earth it does not matter what any scientists mundane or otherwise thinks God creation is ever moving forward and expressing more and more perfection (Godfrey rey King). destruction destructive thought and discordant feeling so rearrange the ratio and rate of speed of the electrons within the atom that the duration of the breath of God within the pole is changed. The duration of the breath is decreed by the will of the consciousness using that particular kind of atom. If that conscious directing will is withdrawn the electrons lose their polarity and fly apart seeking their way back intelligently mind you to the great central sun repolarizing themselves. There they receive love only the breath of God is never ending and order the first law is eternally maintained. That speaks in volumes that tells us so much about vibrational patterning and conscious shifting. The great immutable decrees which forever keeps order in the infinite realms of manifested life or all based upon the one great principle of creation love that is the heart the source of all and the very hub upon which existence in form takes place.

The magic presence (by Chanera).

I am the presence the eternal one. I am the God source the great central sun. I am the love breath the heartbeat of light. I am the power in wisdom and might. I am the seer the all seeing eye. I am the sunlight the earth and the sky. I am the mountain the ocean the stream. I am the quiver in the morning's bright gleam and the blessing and angels and love. I am the life flowing in round above and the glory of all had once in me and the light rays that set mankind free. I am the one heart that hears every call. I am the legion of light answering all. I am the sector of light's loving power. I am the master at each moment, each hour. I am the spears of each song that they sing. I am the heart of creation at swing. I am all forms never too quite the same. I am the essence of the will and the flame. I am myself all beings and you. I am the magic presence that God self comes through.


The key is in the silence and stillness within. It is ever -present beneath the vibrational waves and turmoil. Underneath the perceived chaos there is stillness. In a peace and harmonious balance that is steadfast and never alters. Beneath the conscious waves there is a calm and tranquil scene. You are whole and complete. Your soul's light is entwined with the language of the universe. You are one with source. All is one. As above, so it is below. Release the chaos and open to divine order as you awaken to the knowing that you are bountiful and limitless at one with the stars. You are magnificent. That concludes the webinar and I wanted to take us into a transmission of light meditation now that's going to bring in codings that's right uniquely for you to assist you with divine order understanding and to release the keys within you of simplicity that bring harmonious balance divine equilibrium so closing your eyes and just be still and know as your breathing happens so very naturally as you expand your lungs as you breathe in exhaling naturally and watching as your breath releases and as we bring in metatron and source vibration and the love of Jesus and the knowledge of Tov and the great masters that wish to be here with us today as the light pours through each unique soul expands more and more into light release the mind of conscious thoughts release competition release into the journey of simplicity as you dissolve into light expanding as one with the the universe. Simplicity is key. We bring light coatings now to assist in release and unburdening that which may cloud your journey. Releasing rejuvenation into divine truth. As your heart expands we bring in the love and light of the one. We bring in coatings for harmonious balance and release. Release release from entrapment and restraints in the conscious mind. Releasing our eternal beings. Releasing out from the heart Release holding of divine truth. Simplicity is key to mastering your ascension process. process. The light brings order. We bring coding to release, anything that holds you back from achieving and believing and manifesting. May you dwell in the light of the one always, in the positivity of that light, in the divine order of that light, may it shine through your life. Be joyful, trust and be at peace within your soul as that light emanates all truth to you from within. A vibration of love is key, as that is locked within your heart space for eternity. The work of Jesus is very much linked to divine order. And all those years ago the journey that we know of him and the experiences and vibrations we feel and I felt that light is very much alive today, very much with us here and now through our writing and connection and that light will free mankind. So thank you for reading and may your light ever shine ever forward with positivity. (Metatronia Foundation of Light)

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Archangel Metatron is the highest guiding vibration in the Universe, pure Source Light. He works from the instruction of the One/Creator Life Force. He is the overseeing vibration of all light and life that exists within the Universal Spheres and has a very close affinity to mankind as he assists the great Leap (Light Ascending Evolutionary Process). Overseeing all transformation and ascending processes and vibrations.  There is no higher resonance. Life is ever changing, ever evolving.  If we look briefly how we are born, we grow, we alter in height, shape, size. Our minds, they grow, and we feel that when we reach that of adulthood the growing stops, even as we get older, we may shrink, our body is constantly in a flux of vibrational change and light evolution, even if we are not consciously aware of this fact and process. Archangel Metatron lights the way to our very soul. He works through Source Divine Sacred Geometric Coding/ Diamond Crystallined vibration. He is an eternal source of endless divine energy flow. Linking us consciously and physically to the continuous flow of the eternal One True Light that exists within and all around the Cosmos.  This knowledge and understanding are what will free mankind and bring him back to his true divine state. The Master Key is simplicity in form and being.

I wanted to pass on this information as there is a misconception that Archangel Metatron lived as a physical form. Just to clarify, and of course use your discernment, however, his frequency is far too powerful, for want of a better word, to be” incarnate”.  I am asked to mention here to use a picture in the mind to visualize when a space craft enters back through the Earth’s atmosphere there is a burn-out, a flareup, his energy is rather like this, it would be too much to come into the physical. There is also no necessity for him to be here in the physical for his vibration is all around. We are therefore very graciously gifted that he so chooses to work with us currently, to feel the immense power and magnificence of his energy within our own vessel, and with this we are aware of our own vibrational expansion that is necessary for us to be able to hold this frequency.

"We each hold a spark of his divinity within our being, we hold his light blueprint in carnal form"

He is the Holder of the Keys of the Universe, and throughout time his main purpose has been to oversee the divine plan and order that is linked to the evolution of Humanity and the Earth and of other planetary realms. He holds the divine plan of mankind in his palms. There is a lot of information regarding this and a lot of it is from old Scripts and religious texts, man-made, however we are in a time of divine truth, and I feel it necessary to pass this on at this time that he was not and will never be here in physical form. And yet as Human "Beings" we are able to experience the fullness of our magnificent light through his guidance. We must remember that throughout time there have been different explanations, insights, and cogitations. For example, if you were to read about the different Angels/Archangels, and their place in the higher realms, their names, purpose, and meanings, different religions/groups/teachers etc. explain these differently and so how can one possibly gather the ultimate/overriding truth? There is, therefore, a guiding light that will shine truth within an upon on our "earthly" form.

“Information and knowledge have a design befitted to the era in which it is begotten”.

Simply put, this means that overtime, information has changed, extended, altered, and has been portrayed in line as to what was understood/available for the level of "conscious interpretation" at that time. We are now more "cognitively" open to divine truth, that which is being unveiled and more accessibly acknowledged, through the veil. We are living in a time of the great "unveiling', the removal of illusion and distortion, and the truth is that he has never been in physical form. He works through the Human form/vessel as vibration, as light. The Prophet Enoch was a divine channel of Archangel Metatron. There is much written through religious and other writings which are all from Human conceptual interpretation. A time of great revelation is upon us.


These are the most important key ingredients that Metatron guides us to use to connect with him without hinderance or barriers. If we ask him to assist us, our part in this process is to take part, with all our heart, mind, and soul and to trust the process. We will experience major transformational changes. His job is to bring humankind to the true higher frequency. The secret here is that he knows you, your blueprint. Your part is to trust in this process, and some parts of this journey and awakening process can be and may be uncomfortable to experience but is all a part of the divine opening and transformation into the light. He can reset and align you to your true state of being.


What does Metatron look like? - You may visual him with a physical Angelic appearance, or just sense him as the vibration that he is, pure Source, the frequency of the eternal One. Metatron will work with each divine human soul, so uniquely, so diligently, so honorable. Your part in this process is to honor this connection as it is opened before you. Are you ready and open to receive? If that is so, then a most magical and transformational journey awaits you. 



 Awakening to and Embodiment of the Light of Divine Law

Conscious Source Connection

Ascension Preparation

Full Lightbody vibrational Integration & Embodiment

Diamond Christ-Aligned Light Integration

Returning to Divine Design through simplicity of Light Connection

Preparation of the Human Vessel into the Gematria Garment of Light

Assisting the Biological & Evolutionary advancement of Creation

Alignment to the Divine Mind (Cosmic Consciousness) & Universal Heart

Recalibration of the Electromagnetic energy Matrix

Metatron corrects the entropic mind matrix (isolated lower consciousness.)

Dissolves distorted thought patterns

Preparation, alignment, awakening, transitioning and recalibration to the true vibrational design of the Crystallined Human Vessel

Awakening to Divine truth through light integration and vibrational transmutation

Release from Lower Density Linear Emotional State

Returning to Divine Creativity

Ascended Consciousness & Expanded Awareness

Accelerated Ascension

Light Ignition of the Higher Vibratory Expressions of the Soul Blue Print

Integration of Oneness & Unity/Unification

Releasing Separation Consciousness

Raising overall frequency and vibration of Life Force

Dissolution of Guilt and Separated Identity

Freedom & Liberation - Actualized and Realized

Chakra (energy vortices) Rebalancing, Realignment & Clearing

Cleansing & Restoration of Aura & EMF (Electromagnetic Field)

Feelings of being "plugged back in" and/or "re-booted"

DNA/RNA Higher Light Reprogramming

Re-Genesis & Renewal, aligning with the new Light Codes of Evolution & cellular Regeneration

Releasing from Karma and the idea of Karma altogether

Return to the "Law of Grace"

Frequency Modulation (this is likened to converting an AM/FM radio to a Satellite Receiver)

Inductive Linkage (Reception of Light Language)

Quantum Light Vibrations and recalibration of the Human Vessel to assist in the alignment with Source Vibration/Evolution of Man through Vibrational shifting at cellular level

Infinite light upgrading/Source Connection

Physical/Mental/Emotional/Pain body rejuvenation/Healing/Alignment

Full Lightbody integration& Conscious Awareness

Release of Trauma/Stress/Negativity

Soul Alignment

Source Light Embodiment

Inner Truth & Self-Realization

Removal of Barriers / Blocks

Increased awareness and Understanding of Oneness and Unity



"Perhaps the "Ascension" you speak of and seek is just the vibrational transfiguration into divine love. The love that ignites each and every vessel into the purity and truth. This is not a place or journey but an altering in your energized state that lifts you up and beyond the density and misguided reality. Perhaps the Ascension you speak of is a rising into your divine blueprint - Love. This cannot be quantified or measured but is a stepping into your true vibration and in this great truth is opened to you beyond any measure within the linear mind for it is as it is. All united as One. In the divine transfiguration you are then reunited at one with the ALL".




"We bring you into the realization and acknowledgement of your Lightbody cryst-aligned grid matrix. Your true soul resonance. This is the work we are here to do. To assist your awakening and ascension process to assist you in feeling and sensing your true vibration. That of Source divine love.  Awaken to your truth. You are light, omnipresent, beautiful, divine Beings".


"I am the One Healing Resonance. I am the Light Bearer, the Healer of Mankind. Be open and I will answer. I am the light to your darkness. The Bringer of many transformations. The Holder of your soul's light and I will ignite the flame within you, once again” - Archangel Metatron


"There is a place within you, a vibrational place, of divine structure, equilibrium and deep alignment. This resides within each Human vessel (Body). It is a place that is just so in order, that when you are at this place everything just flows. It is the point of absolution, the point at which you were divinely designed to resonate at. It is your point of origin. Your point of authenticity. Your divine point of resonance. This is what we work with when we link with The Trilogy Masters - Metatron, Jesus and Thoth and their divine light integration- through Metatronia vibration. Here at this time to assist us in unveiling, releasing and aligning unto our true Source".


"In divine silence we hear the greatest voice directing and guiding our ascending light process - to be still and know".


"Know ye oh man, that all space is ordered. Only by order are you one with the All. Order and balance are the laws of the Cosmos. Follow and ye shall be one with the All" - Thoth - Emerald Tablets (No. 3)


​​"My heart is filled with gratitude, My soul is full of love,

 For the divine connection that I have with the energies from above,

 With every day that passes my love comes out to thee,

  As you showed me a brand-new way, that of divine eternity. "


"Many are seeking that magical element to erase them of all their fragility. When living in the carnal mind you will always be seeking for that to bring you balance. The truth comes from divine surrender and in this a great shift occurs where the carnal mind hands over to the ALL. Seek the stillness, peace and silence within your vessel (body). Allow your mind to be still, the heart open. There will always be an endless, fruitless search when living from the carnal mind, to seek that which you feel you require which is outside of you. Surrender, for all that you seek you already behold. All that you are is already within". other than to know that we are in our very truth, already divine. You to are that mystery that you so long for yet keep it away from you as you feel it is something that is not already part of you. Your awakening begins the moment that you know that you are already that which you seek".


Puzzling Ancient Thoth Mystery Has Scholars Stumped | Weird Group of Gods Called Ennead InvolvedViper TV - Studio

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean: Introduction Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages . 1 / 16
FRAGMENTS OF THE BOOK OF THOTH Egyptosophy_edited.jpg




Graeco-Roman religion equated the Egyptian god Thoth, patron of scribes and writing, with the Greek deity Hermes, messenger of the gods and guide of souls. As "thrice great"--a description originating in Egyptian epithets--Thoth-Hermes becomes Hermes Trismegistos. Hermeticism stressed the copying of ancient and "revealed" knowledge, related to Thoth/Hermes and Imhotep/Asclepius, primarily in a series of books known as the Corpus Hermeticum. Texts such as Kore Kosmou, "Pupil of the World," and the Poimandres reveal Egyptian views of the creation of the world. In the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance Hermes Trismegistos was believed to have been a human lawgiver, a pagan counterpart to Moses. In keeping with an Egyptian origin, a basic tenet of Hermeticism in that the mortal is mirror of the immortal, and the person is a miniature of the cosmos. As a summary of the Hermetica put it: "what is above is as what is below." This summary, the "Emerald Tablet" (Tabula Smaragdina), was said to have been found in the tomb of Hermes Trismegistos, but was probably written by an Arab alchemist. It later received a commentary by alchemist and physicist Isaac Newton. The recently identified demotic Egyptian "Book of Thoth", also in this section, may relate to the Hermetic corpus.


The demotic script on thepapyrus of the Book of Thoth is an abbreviated version of the earlier cursive hieratic script, and the fragments belong to a lengthier composition known as the Book of Thoth. Containing a dialogue between Thoth, the teacher (most commonly referred to by his epithets "He of Hesert" or "He who praises knowledge"), and a disciple called "he who loves learning." The dialogue format and discussion of scribal knowledge within the text parallels some aspects of the Greek Hermetic texts that had such an influence in medieval Arabic thought and the western Renaissance. The papyrus fragments here include a dialogue between Thoth and his disciple, which involves bulls, cows, agricultural tasks, and a mention of the "writings of the House of Darkness," probably a reference to the Underworld.


The other two images of Thoth given here are two small amulets with Thoth in two of his guises. One faience statuette shows the god Thoth as a baboon holding an udjat-eye (the right half of the eye is damaged). Such small images are ubiquitous in Late Period Egypt, and the small loop on the back of the baboon figure suggests that it was worn as an amulet. Wearing an amulet of Thoth was a method of gaining his protection, or of identifying the wearer with certain aspects of Thoth. The baboon avatar of Thoth holding a divine eye embodies an entire mythic cycle involving the sun god Re, Thoth, and the goddess of the eye of the sun. The lunar god Thoth, inventor of hieroglyphs and calendars and scribe of Re, is also charged with fetching the solar eye goddess from the south. According to an extensive demotic text and numerous earlier allusions, the "eye of Re," who can be named as Sakhmet, Hathor, or several other goddesses, rebels against her father and flees to the south. Thoth is sent to coax the goddess back to Egypt, and in the demotic text, he tells the goddess a series of stories, many of them involving animal characters. In the Yale figurine (as in many other examples), Thoth triumphantly holds the eye that he has successfully recovered, restoring the divine world and hence Egypt itself to proper order. Thoth's accomplished task may be read in ancient Egyptian as ini set "the one who fetched her," which is phonetically similar to the term niset, king, and in playful, cryptographic hieroglyphic inscriptions, the baboon holding the eye can actually write the noun "king."


The other amulet is made of glazed blue faience, and stands 3.1 cm by 1.0 cm. It depicts the god Thoth in ibis-headed anthropomorphic form, striding forward with the left foot, while the arms are held stiffly at the sides. Thoth wears no headdress, but sports an elaborate wig that falls over both shoulders. The figure stands on a small rectangular base. This object lacks provenance, but likely dates to the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty. A small hole in the back pillar allowed this object to be threaded onto a string and worn on the body. (Colleen Manassa, John Coleman Darnell, and Elizabeth Lang),-john-coleman-darnell,-and-elizabeth-lang .


Dimensions - H. 18.5 cm, W. 44cm - Material – Papyrus, Museum - Beinecke Rare Book Library, Accession Number - CtYBR Inv. 323 - F. Ebeling, The Secret History of Hermes Trismegistus: Hermeticism from Ancient to Modern Times, trans. David Lorton (Ithaca, 2007). E. Hornung, The Secret Lore of Egypt: Its Impact on the West, trans. David Lorton (Ithaca, 2001). R. Jasnow and K.-T. Zauzich, Ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth: a Demotic discourse on knowledge and pendant to the classical Hermetica (Wiesabden, 2005). YALE PEABODY MUSEUM of Natural History

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