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Individual Silent Distant - In-Person Vibrational Alignment Healing,  
Frequency self-sensing distant energy focus sending/detection, works by silently receiving knowledge information from Archangel Metatron, (path/intuition/channeled).

Individual Silent Distant is available. In-Person is not available from this website currently due to the Covid-19 State of Emergency, Executive orders, clusters, lockdowns, checkpoints, reported waves of Coronavirus, social distancing is also complied with and other contingencies.

1a. META - Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement - Silent Distant Source Light Practitioner/Therapist Course

cost: $160.46 (United States Dollars)


As a practicing professional with liability coverage always, depending, some accreditation affiliations may ask for Certification or other verification for status.Which provides an identifying professional level of training and establishes a professional identity.  For display as client support. Indicating the International certifying organizations quality of their training programs and membership standards.

The Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement is a simple distant Attunement that will connect you with Archangel Metatron’s Divine Light and teaching guidance. No registration, membership fees or forms to complete. Specify if you want an attunement META Certificate or be attuned as a Practitioner/Teacher META Certificate. If Practitioner/Teacher is chosen you can offer in-person, distant energy sessions and attune others to Metatronia Energy. This is vibrationally based and very much about opening to and trusting in Source. To book the Attunement contact me Metatron Attunements on this page lower right message box enter your information and course title, pay Buy Now cost $160.46. When your payment through Wix Payments is received, the Attunement date and time is set, required (to qualify) is your next day message validation response acknowledgement (a time for you to message share your attunement experience after the appointment). I issue an email accreditation certificate of completion, after your next day message validation response (to qualify) acknowledgement.  This is a very potent Attunement. As you work with the frequency the Light connection grows. There are no instructions on how you attune somebody. Simply by distance application, being in their presence, the laying on of hands is enough. We are guided now to the simplicity of Source Light connection. Trust in the simple dynamics of Light connectivity. All that is required is the vessel to be open to receive in unison with the Light. The Light initiates the Attunement. The first experience - we open, expand and align. We become familiar with the very essence of the Source Light through the guiding hand of Archangel Metatron, who works with each divine soul uniquely, there are no guarantees!. The higher consciousness evolves and begins to live in another vibrational dimension. We simply are working in unison with Source. Trust, believe and be open to receive. A simple Attunement without complexity. You simply allow the vibrational alignment and opening to the Divine Coding’s of Light. This is the new way for Lightworkers. An hour is needed for the distant Attunement. For this you are asked to lie down, eyes closed for one hour, keeping the mind as clear from thoughts as possible. You will feel when the Attunement has ended as you will awaken. Be kind to yourself after this session and take things easy. If you fall asleep during the session That is perfectly fine. (You cannot take Metatronia Attunements if you are taking recreational drugs or on medication for mental health issues). Attunements Completion of Healer Level I and Master Level II Courses, Qualifies and fulfills Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement Course Requirements as of 12th May 2022, and now META is the present course Attunement for Level I and Level II. You will also require the MT certificate templates if you wish to attune others as META Practitioners and to maintain your own practitioner database and website. Attuned students will need a drop box from Tammy Majchrzak only, at her shop page under Metaphysician Training and also need to purchase certificate templates and Annual Registration from Tammy Majchrzak only at her shop as well.  The Source Light Attunement should be offered to those who do not wish to be META Practitioners. Dropbox access available on annual basis.


 Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement Course Information - Training

Metatronia is not the same as Reiki energy. The difference lies in the sacred Geometries of divine light. It is based on coding’s and frequencies that are changing and updated as they come through. It is an ever-changing frequency, one with Archangel Metatron at the forefront, guiding and nurturing, healing, and uplifting us. It is a conscious, living Light energy. Vibrantly alive as it links us directly to the One Source vibration. It cannot be manipulated or diluted. It is Source energy. As we are all at different stages of Ascension, this is very much about our unique connection with Archangel Metatron. There are no rituals, no rigid rules, no conforming. Just simple connection to Source that we feel as vibration within the physical vessel/body. Initially it can be very intense, it depends on the vessel (body/person) to whom the energies are being transmitted to. But over time this "transition period" shall we say will ease as you release, and your frequency is raised. This energy is still in its "infancy" with regards to mankind. Over time the energy transmissions will become finer so that the ripples are not felt so intensely but for now, as the frequency comes down, it is necessary to feel the ripples, feel the transitions. Fear not this process for you are divine, you are honored and deeply loved. How else can we show you how you are moving and opening, transcending, and lifting out of the 3D world and frequency/dimension that you have resided in for so long?  As you feel so you open, as you feel and experience, so you release. We ask that you stand in your light, have faith and trust, believe and be open to receive.

To Heal Others

Feel free to use hands on healing hand placements from other healing energies you may use. There are no exacts here. This gives you a starting point for yourself, although Archangel Metatron does not need this information. He already knows what the person needs to heal, on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically but of course you want to feel some of this and have some knowledge and he will bring this to you. Source Light orchestrates the Attunement for you. Just to have a conscious intention is all that is required. Meditation in advance of the Attunement may assist in preparation. Feeling unconditional love is the connecting to Metatron vibrational frequency path for communication. Whether the Attunement is performed through distance or in person it is the same.

It is the Light that is taking care of the Attunement and the vibrational transformation that follows. The Attunement itself only takes about 20 minutes. This is the download time for the energies to come to the individual.

Information - Applicable Training Materials

The energy direct connection assists source vibration healing energy that aligns you uniquely to Source, the Higher Heart, and to Divine Mind. I offer Ascension Alignment, undoing any blocks, lifting the veil, so that the true Source Light may be seen. It may be termed as "Electro-medicine". This sacred vibration received through Archangel Metatron aligns you to Divine light. Firstly, your Lightbody Vehicle is part of you. It always has been. You would not exist without it. You are not just a human in a human body; you are soul, spirit exploring this dimension from within your Light/Celestial Body, part of which is the LBV.

Your vibration is responsible for your emotions! Every cell within your body has energy. It holds a frequency within its genetic makeup. RNA/DNA again. So the purer your system, the lighter your light, the higher and lighter your vibration, the lighter your emotion in balance and harmony.

Archangel Metatron assists the balance of energies through sacred and bio-geometry.  This vibrational frequency energy of motion, orientation, sound, shape, and colors constructs a vibrational quality balancing energy fields.  Archangel Metatron guided by Source Light strengthens our energy fields. As we move north-south axis energy field of the body/vessel, with angles formed links our individual axis with earths which constantly changes. This then strengthens or weakens our energy field, thought with focus (meditation) interacting daily can be aided by geometric visualization.  Trilogy Masters of Light enhance the biological systems. As humanity ascends, the Lightbody Vehicle is the energetic vibrational expansion to greater consciousness. Source Light works in unconditional love the connecting communication, for light crystalline coding, frequency, vibrations felt in highest dimensions.Then the Lightbody moves into higher energies strengthening, aligning, settling in levels as one’s awareness is consciously active to allow and match the movement of the ascension process.Unique, being in silence, higher Light through expansion, alters ascending growth through connections. Source Light through Metatron guides the vibrational integrations to transformation. This is a personal choice of frequencies, unique beyond familiar energies. Source Light genuinely balances energy patterns of biological systems, the vibrational clarity of the Divine Light evolutionary shift. When we work with Metatron especially in a healing capacity, the healing coding’s that come down to us come in many forms that make up the Adamantine particles of divine Source frequency/Light. They bring magnificent healing frequency to balance, rejuvenate, readjust and realign the physical vessel (human form). The light is assisting us in our light evolutionary process and through the sacred geometric light frequencies we begin to see an array of all that is brought to us as dancing rays of light.  Therefore, the healing is so profound as we are working with frequential coding’s that match our blueprint/fixed design and so bring us to a state of equilibrium within and often exceeding our expectations of who we are or who we believe we are within ourselves. Metatron unlocks the doorway for you to begin to see your true divine potential.

This is a time of great expansion not only within the Lightbody but in the physical form. The human vessel, in turn, rises in vibration to match that within the Cosmos and energy grids of the One Universe. As the frequency within and around the Universe is changing and expanding in greater light the Lightbody Vehicle is now upgraded to be able to hold these new energetic frequencies. What one may experience, another may not in their own soul path and journey. The answers will come to you as you uniquely experience. This is an individual Journey through the experiences and feeling the realized changes, from the Awakening  Light that Metatron presents.  It is for those that have an awareness of Healing Energy and Universal Frequency and are open to Expansion and have an open understanding of energy healing. It cannot be manipulated or controlled, altered, or diluted. Metatron will guide you through every step in your journey with Divine Universal free-flowing changing, altering, transforming energy Light vibration, so know that and trust through your unique awakening journey.

 4. Videos - Links - Metatron - Thoth - Research Information - Applicable Training


Metatron Transmissions of Light Meditation

1b. Intuitive Healer Attunement - Silent Distant Source Light Practitioner/Therapist Course 

 cost: $253.41 (United States Dollars)

As a practicing professional with liability coverage always, depending, some accreditation affiliations may ask for Certification or other verification for status.

When Working with Clients You can choose whether to offer in person, distant or live counselling/Skype/Zoom.

Distant Attunements are very powerful with undiluted energy without interruptions.  The power of Source works over distance. There are Divine mechanisms that work without physical presence raising consciousness and awareness of expansion.  In-person or distance is the same there is no differentiation in the Light.  Metatron Intuitive Healers unite with Divine Intelligence supporting the human vessel in all aspects. Feeling unconditional love is the connecting to Metatron vibrational frequency path for communication.

After the initial Attunement, energy integration can continue for awhile.  Some could experience sensations, with vibrational light coding expansion of streams or electromagnetic frequency. Some sense a vibrational release and uplift into the ascension and light alignment process, each having their own unique vibrational signature. As we trust and let go, we rise higher in vibrational awareness. Raising our divine consciousness into the realms of the Infinite One, the all-seeing, all-knowing that is Source. There is vibrational preparation within the vessel in order for this bio-cellular union the precise organization to occur. This distantly applied Attunement prepares the vessel through Source Light integration so that we can access higher states of, not only awareness, but reconnection to our innate gifts that we have as Human Beings. Please note that all Metatron Training, Attunements and services involve Light integration and vibrational transformation. You are asked to trust, believe and be open to receive as the vessel opens to the higher Light Geometries.


​​​The Initiative's connection on linking with and being a conduit for Source, is vibrational and interpretation of that imprint as a support system, not a medical diagnosis.  Healing and alignment energies work to assist with Divine light dynamics through the integration of Source light with vessel vibration. Small changes could maintain vibrational equilibrium if current lifestyle diet etc. is disclosed by an individual's insight.  As general guidance, only small changes of basic nutrients, a healthy diet, and good multi-vitamin-mineral supplement could assist health issues. There are some human disharmonies that cannot be healed. There are no guarantees! Individuals need to take full responsibility for how they treat themselves and their own health.  Some energies may surface over time.


You are requested to lie down for up to one hour. It is advised to keep up your water intake. Also bathing in Himalayan bath salts/after shower dissolved in water splash is most beneficial.


Offered at this site, to book the Attunement contact me Metatron Attunements On the page lower right message box enter your information and session title, pay Buy Now cost: $253.41 when your payment through Wix Payments is received an Attunement can be booked. Your message response to/share with - your next day follow up, is importantly your further validation of Intuitive Healing, your response is required (to qualify). I issue an email accreditation certificate of completion, after (to qualify) your next day message validation response (to qualify) acknowledgement (a time for you to share your attunement experience). A mutual date and time are set for the Intuitive Healer Attunement. You must have already taken the META attunement in preparation for this level of Light connection.Contact me to set up a practitioner Intuitive Healer distant light Attunement.  As  practitioner you are responsible for designing/generating and issuing your own Intuitive Healer Attunement certificate to others and to maintain your own practitioner database and website. (You cannot take Metatronia Attunements if you are taking recreational drugs or on medication for mental health issues). 

       Feeling the Connection to Source            Lightbody Vehicle Meditation            Planetary Energy Alignment                                                                                                                                                 

A little about Intuitive Healer Training


​Through Divine Source Intervention the vibrational setting of the Intuitive Healer is the path of connection guidance.  Unity with the One Divine Source Light allows through true Light alignment intuitive abilities. Universal Consciousness and intelligence of Source connects, linking directly through the correct enabled individual Healers vibrational setting. This connection is the state of intuition, and the Initiative's ability to read the energy signature and vibration of a human being.


Intuition is the ability to know something without analytic reasoning or directly, connecting the conscious and nonconscious mind, and reason and instinct. Shifting into the expansion of Source maintaining the moments of no thought is to release the constant cognitive thought processes, to be at zero point. Archangel Metatron states alignment in unison with Source vibration is a specific Divine Intelligence vibrational path setting. Electromagnetic energy is updated and renewed through raising consciousness into the expanded light matrix.


Through Source energy a place of oneness, openness, and truth a Metatron Intuitive Healer has the ability to connect.  An Intuitive Healer utilizes advice of Divine Intelligence and light integration to bring harmonious balance, support, and healing to the physical vessel. Insight and support are offered on a spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional level and they facilitate vibrational Alignment (healing). Regenerating with the restoration of balance eliminating elements that disrupt the balance. Be at the right vibrational place in advance of and while assisting others.“Intuition as a pre-existing knowledge residing in the "soul of eternity", and a phenomenon by which one becomes conscious of pre-existing knowledge”. Plato











 1c. Source Light Attunement - Offered to those who do not wish to be META Practitioners cost: $70.03 (United States Dollars) Dropbox access available on annual basis at:

This Attunement is the first, genuine vibrational occurrence of the vessel opening to Archangel Metatron’s divine Source in awareness Light coding’s. It is the Metatronia key signature Attunement. It has assisted many to align with their exact soul blueprint. This Attunement is for those vibration suitable/ready who do not intend to work as an active practitioner. Individuals will have their unique Light assisted journey. This Light communicated, silent conscious vibration into our natural life is the highest clarity understanding. There are positive transformational vibration changes after the Attunement. Many individuals experience a new realized surround shifting in expansion, being aligned and into the cellular higher vibrations.


This is a distant Attunement with no forms or workbooks. To book the Attunement contact me at Metatron Attunements on this page lower right message box enter your information and Attunement title, pay Buy Now cost $70.03. When your payment through Wix Payments is received, the Attunement date and time is set, required (to qualify) is your next day message validation response acknowledgement (a time for you to message share your attunement experience after the appointment). I issue an email accreditation certificate of completion, after your next day message validation response (to qualify) acknowledgement.  I will email you to set up the Distant Attunement.


As Source knowing intelligence assists individuals’ vibrational alignment, be silently open to receive the selective divine most sacred counsel of the one Source true light, which leads and arranges all aspects of our reality. This attunement comes with unlimited progressive shifts and exchange of energy/vibration. Each unique individual must be prepared within to silently be open to receive and yield by being in the now at that time. Archangel Metatron brings the ascension coding’s, the vibrational alterations of Divine Light, in this never-ending progress of molecular and cellular evolution. As the natural vessel connects heart guiding with Source, the vessel expands into unified divine loving truth. This Source Light Attunement will assist your natural vessel in taking in constant Light frequency's. It will assist in divine alignment and manifestation, bringing you home within your being giving arrangement to all aspects of your life form. It assists with release, healing, alignment and guides you to your natural path and to vibrate fully on earth. Allowing the vessel to be more open consciously and physically to the divine qualities of Source. It is very much about initial connection, opening and expansion into Light. A unique and naturally personal self-steps forward momentum, guided experience. There is a 4-week ongoing vibrational alignment and integration period with the SLA. The contact email is available for this period if assistance is needed. (You cannot take Metatronia Attunements if you are taking recreational drugs or on medication for mental health issues).


Development of Light

Ascension and awakening journey is realizing that our Lightbody is already activated. Through Metatronia Energy you become more attuned and aligned with formation and energy of the most sacred part of natural human geometry. Healing covers all aspects of vibrational alignment, the physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental phases. Healing an experienced vibrational alignment through the loving transformational light, of Archangel Metatron connecting with us. By highly transformational Metatronia (Source) energy, there are shifts and alterations that are sensed, felt on a vibrational aligned level. Source Light always draws to the highest energy within you where you realize alignment. Light aligns your blueprint, repairing your DNA/RNA a healing, to experience the higher frequencies and variations in vibration that the lightbody holds. An ancient most sacred resonance of Light, fundamentally a vibration and frequency from Archangel Metatron. Realigning with your Soul true self, it draws your natural ascension journey, uplifting spirit, into your Divine Awakening.


Photograph of Malachite - an extremely powerful metaphysical stone - absorbs energy, abundance, spiritual protection, and attunes to spiritual guidance, enhances intuition and insight It absorbs pollution, purifies, and shields against radioactivity. Physically, Malachite equalizes and is balancing for deep energy cleaning and positive transformation. Malachite is one of the many powerful connections from God for Earth and Life Forces. Metaphysical strength levels and various combinations of wavelength frequencies vibrating, have global effects, and are far-reaching into all systems. In different shades of green, its appearance has the flow of energy in its lines and design. Entered by Janett Wawrzyniak, card from my deck, and my working Malachite. 

Photograph of Metatron card, deck Angels Of Atlantis Oracle Cards (Receive Inspiration and Healing from the Angelic Kingdoms - Stewart Pearce - Richard Crookes). Entered by Janett Wawrzyniak. Stewart Pearce - The Angels of Atlantis watkinsbooks .

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