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Metatronia Foundation Teachers  

     Metatron Attunements ™
Silent Distant Remote Worldwide by Source Light Essence, Divine-Cosmic, Vibrational Frequency Ascension Energy;  Alignments, Healing, Attunements. 
Source Light
Essence assists vibrational alignment in Ascension, this therapy is much more, it is an Alignment to Divine Source Light and Love, working with each unique individual’s energy. The Eternal, Supreme Creator directs Archangel Metatron. It is not Earthbound energy healing.
Accredited Executive Training and Therapy Provider; Meditation Practitioner-Trainer, Leadership and Development of Self to Lead and Develop Others; Practitioner-Trainer.
Activity generating high frequency power, high gamma (>60 to 100 Hz) the point of brain in gamma electric connectivity is for simultaneous processing. 
MT Metatronia Therapy Practitioners. Ascension Members.  


High Quantum Source Light Essence with Janett Wawrzyniak, Ph.D., and Chester Coleman, DCompSci, D.B.A.. Source Path, MT Metaphysician-MT Light Counsellor-Goddess Metatreiya Energy Trainer, Master Healer, Attuner, Intuitive Healer, Animal Healer, Child Practitioner, Massage Practitioner, META & GMET Practitioner. Metaphysical Practitioner, Postsecondary Teacher, Trainer.

 Principal.: Janett L. Wawrzyniak, DBA Metatron Attunements.. Executive Training and Therapy Provider.

Technical Specialist,; DCompSci,, Back Office Manager;.D.B.A.. Chester A. Coleman, DBA Metatron Attunements. Executive Training and Therapy Provider..

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Individual Silent Distant
or In-Person Healing Alignments Attunement Healing.

1a. Fully Accredited - META

Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement - Silent Distant Source Light Essence Practitioner/Therapist Course

The Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement is a simple distant Attunement that will connect you with Archangel Metatron’s Divine Light and guidance, as your senses may detect. We are guided now to the simplicity of Source Light Essence connection. Trust in the simple dynamics of Light connectivity. All that is required is the vessel to be open to receive in unison with the Light. The Light initiates the Attunement. The first experience - we open, expand and align.A simple Attunement without complexity. You simply allow the vibrational alignment and opening to the Divine Coding’s of Light. This is the new way for Lightworkers.

I will send out to Metatron at the beginning of your Attunement it is Metatron that is healing you.  

1b. Fully Accredited - Intuitive Healer Attunement - Silent Distant Source Light Essence Practitioner/Therapist Course 

Prepares the vessel through Source Light Essence integration so that we can access higher states of, not only awareness, but reconnection to our innate gifts that we have as Human Beings.You must have already taken the META attunement in preparation for this level of Light connection.

1c. Source Light  Essence Attunement

For those who do not wish to be META Active Practitioners. The first, vibrational occurrence opening to divine Source in awareness Light coding’s.

MT Light Counsellor,

MT Metaphysician,

Inclusive Leadership 

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Individual Silent Distant
or In-Person 

Highest energy levels wavelengths formation and combinations to Incoming as a felt vibration frequency interacting with and sensed by the tangible. Vibration experience is felt in the physical electrical signal’s electromagnetic fields.


Fully Accredited - Goddess Metatreiya Light Silent Distant Energy Session

A session is not a practitioner course.

Goddess Metatreiya energy supports additional physical combinations of our earthly dynamics a joining of both frequencies. First vibrational positioning is established on all levels within the physical vessel, for the Goddess frequency to assist coding’s of Light through our electromagnetic vibration.


Fully Accredited - Goddess Metatreiya Silent Distant Energy Attunement - 

Therapist/Practitioner Course

Energy Trainers may offer in person or distant energy sessions and attune others to Goddess Metatreiya Light at this level professionally by Source Light Essence Evolution in vibration. Opening to Divine Light codings each unique in ascension, alignment and awakening journey.  For assisting the Ascension process Goddess Metatreiya, is working alongside Archangel Metatron for greater vibrational unity felt in the vessel. I issue an electronic certificate of completion.

If you are able to offer a professional service, you are eligible to join IPHM. This is through their accreditation process an application form

MT Light Counsellor,

MT Metaphysician,

Inclusive Leadership 

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TR Meditation Practitioner,

 Trainer-Certification Accredited.

57 total hours of course time. 

With practice this guided meditation develops your self-style from within by the growth of yourself.


TR Fully Accredited Meditation Practitioner / Teacher Certification Course

Is a fully comprehensive guide into the world of the Meditation Practitioner / Meditation Teacher in which you will be taken from beginner to professional level where you will be able to instruct your own meditation classes. Whether you want to guide individuals or groups through the mediation process, you will learn how to do both. This course is a practical guide into how you can become a Meditation Teacher / Practitioner. Meditation brings with it a multitude of Scientifically proven benefits to your life and health. 



TR Fully Accredited Leadership & Development of Self to Lead & Develop Others Course/ Teacher - Certification, 48 total hours of course time

Discover core Leadership principles that gave the world's greatest leaders the edge when it came to leading others. Take direct responsibility for your own Leadership and Development. We need to lead and develop self if we ever want to lead any body whether a business team, organization, sports team, community club, our family whoever, at times we all need to be leaders. 

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Main Source Link

Product Links for Additional Training Information is by all contact of and completed through - Metatronia . Tammy L Majchrzak, Founder and the Foundation Main MT website . Metatronia  is an accredited and approved global Training organization.




Lightbody Vehicle

The lower your frequency the less likely you are to experience your Lightbody Vehicle at any level. The keys to opening are within your expansion and uplifting of your current level of consciousness. We cannot provide you all the answers, seek and you will find.... feel and you will know. Let go and truth is revealed to you. We will assist the seekers! The Lightbody Vehicle is a journey to Self-Mastery, NOT A DESTINATION.  Ask Archangel Metatron to “Show you” your unique LBV. To show you colors, feelings, sensing and vibrations. Feeling unconditional love is the connecting to Archangel Metatron vibrational frequency path for communication. You will begin to feel more. This is ascension. Lifting to the higher realms.  Our vibration is rising shifting in conscious evolution to the 5D (Fifth Dimension). The less you expect the more you shall experience. There are no exacts. Metatron assists us. Below is a visual of the older traditional Light Body Vehicle.

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Therapy Sessions
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Metatron Attunements ™

Metatron Attunements, linking directly with Source Light Essence, working through Source Light-Archangel Metatron, Creator Source Light, to assist the Ascension. Janett Wawrzyniak, United States. 

METATRON ATTUNEMENTS International Class(es): 044, 045 - Primary Class U.S Class(es): 100, 101.

 Green and Black: METATRON SOURCE LIGHT VIBRATION BY ATTUNEMENTS FREQUENCY ASCENSION International Class(es): 044, 045 - Primary Class U.S Class(es): 100, 101.

OWNER Janett Wawrzyniak, United States.


Metatronia Therapy® Metatronia Energy®

"Metatronia Therapy is a vibrational aligning/healing energy like no other and I have felt or experienced. It is a very high vibration and really goes to the heart and heals on many levels.  Archangel Metatron opens us up to this transformational vibration assisting us awe expand, awaken and evolve".  “This Therapy is much more than what many term"energy healing"!  It is not "energy healing”. It is alignment to Source” Tammy L Majchrzak ,

Registered trademark Class 044 - Healing therapy services WORD MARK - Metatronia Therapy TRADEMARK OWNER Tammy Majchrzak LS7 4LT UNITED KINGDOM

​MT Practitioners can now use "Metatronia Energy®" to describe their services. The additional Trademark was issued in September 2023.

About me

Metatron Attunements™  -  Metatron Master Healer Practitioner certified professional practitioner and Metaphysician. Metatron Therapy, I offer training, education and assist those on their Ascension Journey through the light of the One Source and Universal Coding at Metatron Attunements - Alignments, Healing, Attunements, Training/Therapist Provider, Teacher, Accredited Courses, distant/remote by Source Light Essence alignment to Source. Lightworker in electromagnetic vibration frequencies. Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics conferred by World Metaphysical Academy upon Janett Lee Wawrzyniak. Click  About me Above -  for additional information. 

 an Accredited & Approved Training Provider, by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. 

Getting Help

IMPORTANT MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is NOT INTENDED or IMPLIED to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only. Please see a medical professional if you need help with depression, illness, or have any concerns whatsoever. WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER OPINION on your conditions or treatment options. SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH THIS WEB SITE are for information purposes only and not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance, or treatment. The therapist/practitioner/trainer does not claim to cure or to diagnose any medical condition in the same way as a doctor/physician. Their opinion is that of a holistic, complementary and alternative therapist and their professional opinions, advice, examinations and recommendations do NOT constitute the medical advice of a doctor/physician. Results shared are not typical. You may or may not experience anything from our sessions, the services provided by teachers, speakers, and guests. Please consult a medical professional if you are experiencing illness, depression, anxiety, mood swings, or any concerns whatsoever. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. (Metatron Attunements - service cannot be given if you take recreational drugs or medication for mental health issues.) Holistic Therapies Health Questionnaire and Consent Forms will be completed before attunements.

CONSUMER NOTICE: You should assume that Your Uniqueness has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned on this page and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline. Any responsibility for any loss or damage caused as a direct or indirect result  of the use or misuse of any contents or information contained on this Website is not accepted.

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds at Metatron  Attunements for Sessions, Attunements or services. No cash refund policy — no monetary refunds will be given.

Metatron Attunements ™ - Janett Wawrzyniak, Ph.D., website

Two Logos (TM)

Two Logos of Janett Wawrzyniak and photograph with Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Crystal Gem Gold Alter Grid Cloth.  Metaphysical properties of Center - Congo citrine cluster obelisk - enhances concentration and revitalizes, Lemurian seed crystals - help maintain connection to Spirit, aids spiritual evolution, Lapis lazuli crystal roughs - raises levels of psychic and intuitive awareness, clarity and endurance, Crystal quartz points - receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy, Herkimer Diamond roughs - powerful high vibration crystals, amplifies Psychic Abilities, and has the highest spiritual vibration for ascension helping to connect the astral to physical plane. Selenite Crystal Spiral Point Wand - powerful high vibration energy focus path to Divine Mind and the Angelic realm. Cast Iron keys - blocks negative radiation frequencies, and Black marble table -enhances clarity, meditation, dream recall, and mastery of thought. Pyrite dust on cloth creates the wonderful gold flecks which make Lapis Lazuli sparkle.


One Consciousness  

Divine Counsel


Light Codings  

Return to Source

       Metatron Attunements ™


       One Source Light Essence       Ascension


Source assists vibrational alignment in Ascension, this therapy is much more, it is an alignment to Divine Source Light and Love, not energy healing.

Light works with each unique individual’s energy.

Divine light Dynamics assist mankind's change, a Light energy transformation. Source light sound waves frequency moving with effective action, changes into line, through energy transformations.


El'Ohym directs Metatron who creates and generates sacred geometrical Light Coding’s of the Ascension Programs for Humanity's Return to Source at this time. Metatron assists as an extension of energy flow through living systems, the re-aligning by distant or physical applications to awaken into a new state of being, a higher conscious awareness of the greater reality. Metatron is highest vibrational to heart healing energy on many levels.


Light of the One by Metatron of the Trilogy Masters of Light energy for Mankind's Light Evolutionary Process of awareness, awakening, alignment and ascension. Metatron offers, an accelerated restoring opportunity, above and beyond linear constraints. 


Educational, Highest Light Source Essence Alignments and many Alignment training courses are listed.


Janett Wawrzyniak, Ph.D.,


          Metatronia Energy®

The Therapist May experience any of these sensations when working with Source Frequency

Metallic Taste in mouth, tingling in the scalp/head area, Flashes To the sides of the eyes, Heady/distant Feeling When the energy comes into play it can make you feel quite heady and spaced out. Breathing In deeply assists this sensation. Humming/Vibrating Sensations throughout the body Like ripples/waves of electromagnetic energy Which is exactly what it is. Cold Or hot sensations, buzzing hands, warm or cold breeze, out of body experience as if you are totally not in body and are in another dimension/different outer spatial awareness Exactly what this is Outer dimensional reality coming into play as you are lifted Up and out of 3 D Formation into the higher Lightbody. (Not Everyone will experience this sensation). Some May even feel “dissolved/Invisible”. Intense Emotions, Taking On of client emotion/symptoms/sensations This Aids in assisting the person you are healing and gives you insight (not Everyone will work at this level). We Feel the light coding’s as waves/ripples/vibrations/frequency, rather like an electrical charge. Vibrational Downloads Bringing In a different calibrated light. The Vibrational signature/energy tune/harmonics is slightly different. Unique Energy tuning for each unique soul.


Marble Surface

Silent Distant/Remote Healing and Vibrational Alignment.

"Thank you for the attunement session I have felt better afterwards I've noticed that my mood has improved and I have felt more energy throughout the day it has significantly improved my day to day life.

-Hunter-" Age 21

Silent Distant/Remote Healing and Vibrational Alignment.

"I appreciate your completing my light healing alignment. As instructed I was well hydrated and laid quietly for our hour session. During our session, I felt anxious at first but as I lay calm for about 15 minutes I started to feel warm and peaceful. I definitely noticed over the course of the following days and week I felt more positive and uplifted. I felt like positive things were happening for me even in the midst of our chaotic current world we are living in. Again thank you for your wonderful talents being used to Chanel the positive healing towards me. Warmest wishes

-Chet-" Age 37

Silent Distant/Remote Healing and Vibrational Alignment. 

“Thank you, I am feeling much better continually. More energized with greater focus and rest. I'll make sure to keep up on staying hydrated and I will make sure to look out for salts to aid in it. It puts me at ease knowing Metatron is supporting me. Is there a length of time this will last or will I need to maintain on the occasion?“   

-Braxton-" Age 22

Silent Distant/Remote Healing and Vibrational Alignment

"Thank you for the appointment my feed back is very positive. After the appointment I felt very energized and well. My mind felt very clear and positive. Thank you again I very much appreciate your time and commitment to me,

-Easton-" Age 22




Welcome to the Metatronia Foundation of Light. The MT is a global Accredited and Approved Training Provider. A direct link to Source Light, the Divine Law of the One, assisting the vessel's light evolution, that is Source Light. This sacred vibration, received through Archangel Metatron, aligns your vessel consciously to Divine Light. Its purpose is to assist the light evolution of humanity. Full details regarding Metatronia, Products, Training, Workshops, Events, etc. can all be found on the Official website:

Metatronia Foundation of Light


SERVICES Divine Metaphysics Training Foundation - 

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Business ID: A2ONGX7TZ0AJ42 . Individual Silent Distant is available. In-Person is not available from this website currently due to the Covid-19 State of Emergency, Executive orders, clusters, lockdowns, checkpoints, reported waves of Coronavirus, social distancing is also complied with and other contingencies.

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